The Complete Community Solution

  is your solution.
Are you...
...looking to create a web-based community?
 ...wanting a hub for members of your group or society?
...hoping for a way to optimise company communication?
...needing to give your group a publishing vehicle?
...trying to weave all your collaborative strands together?


enables the easy creation and maintainence of virtual communities in an Internet, Intranet or Extranet environment.

Built from the start to be dynamically configurable, the Nexus system provides the administrator with a powerful and comprehensive set of control panels and configuration tools. From the colour of the background to the number of "rooms" available in a member's virtual "home", Nexus is easily, rapidly and uniquely configurable, allowing it to be readily tailored to suit your particular and ongoing requirements.

Nexus is about connecting people. Through flexible communication, it is about the sharing of ideas, enhancing productivity and encouraging collaboration. In pursuit of that mission, it provides several out-of-the-box, powerful media for the promotion and facilitation of information and concept exchange.

But don't just take our word for it, come and see for yourself. Click on the demonstration button above to sign in to our fully functional example community site.